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Rapa Nui Settlement

Rapa Nui Prehistory

Wind, Weather, Ocean Currents of the Pacific

Sailing Strategies

Geography, History, & Culture in the Eastern Pacific

Educational Curriculum for
Rapa Nui

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History & Heritage

Virtual Voyage

I - Getting to know your Vessel
II - Sail Planning
III - Becoming a crewmember
IV - Provisioning the Vessel
V - Preparing for the Voyage

Research & Action Projects

I - Why We Explore
II - Meterology of the Pacific
III - Naked-eye Astronomy
IV - Sealife
V - Geography, History, Culture

How to Track Hokulea

Vision & Exploration

Exploring the Night Sky

Star Charts for Hawaii

Our Sacred Earth

Malama Hawaii Projects

Northwestern Islands







Planning and Preparing for the Virtual Voyage
For each step of planning and preparing, students first brainstorm, then do research and refine their plans and preparations. Each step is an occasion for a short, informal essay or oral report.

Step 4. Provisioning the Vessel

Questions for Students: What would you take with you to insure your survival and good health for 3-5 weeks at sea? Make lists of the following:

  • Personal Needs (What personal gear would you take?)

  • Dietary Needs (What food and drink would you take?)

  • Canoe Needs (What equipment would you take?)

  • Medical Needs (What medicines would you take?)

Remember that there are limits of weight and space on the canoe. Each person is limited to carrying what can be fitted into a 48 quart cooler--about the size of a regular suitcase. You may want to start by looking at the stuff you have in your house--bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room. How much of the stuff you have in your house is essential for survival or good-health? How much of it is non-essential? How do your lists of supplies compare with what others would bring? How can you account for any differences? Would you add or subtract anything from your lists?

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