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Polynesian Voyaging Society
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In August of 2003, Hokule’a will embark on a voyage to the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (NWHI). The NWHI voyage is about protecting and preserving the beauty of Hawai’i, by focusing on the rich cultural, historical and natural significance of these kupuna islands in a way that promotes the stewardship of all of the Hawaiian islands.

These expeditions are made possible by the dedication and commitment of the volunteers and crewmembers. Many hours have been spent in preparation to bring back lessons for our future. However, it still requires funding to pay for expenses such as materials, food, supplies, etc. The Polynesian Voyaging Society is not a government agency. It is supported by grant from private foundations, corporate sponsorships and by individuals like you.

Please kokua. Don't wait - we need your support now. Donations can be sent to the Polynesian Voyaging Society at 191 Ala Moana Blvd., Pier 7 Honolulu, HI 96813. Checks, cash or credit cards (American Express, Visa and Mastercard) are welcomed. Contributors may also call the PVS office at 536-8405 to make donations, or via this website through the membership page.

By giving, you are making a commitment to the well-being of not only our island home, but to our people.