Launching Hokulea
Fishing aboard
Roles & Duties
Medical Needs
Daily Living
Building Hokule`a


About Hawaii Loa
Building Hawaiiloa

Evolution of Hawaiian Canoes

Building Hawaiian Canoes

About Hawaiian Canoes

Building canoes
Keawenuia`umi's Canoe
Plants Used
Parts of the canoe

Dangers at Sea

Escort Boat Duties

Kama Hele Vessel



The ancient voyaging canoes carried the Polynesians thousands of miles across the ocean. Today, the Polynesian Voyaging Society continues to sail on several replicas of these canoes just as the ancient Polynesians did. Dedicated supporters of PVS have volunteered countless hours to maintain the canoes, keeping them seaworthy and safe for the crews that sail on them.

Read about the various canoes, how they were built and what they are made of.

Find out what it takes to be a crewmember and what it is like to live on a canoe.

Learn about the necessity of escort vessels as well as the dangers of the open ocean.

Most importantly, see how the lessons learned on the canoe can be applied to life on land.