The Settlement of Polynesia Part I

The Settlement of Polynesia Part II

The Spirit of `Ohana and the Polynesian Voyagers

Provisions for Micronesian Voyage

Provisions for Polynesian Voyages

Traditional Foods and Preparation

Plants Introduced to Hawaii

Hawaii Proverbs

Sin at Awarua Story


Polynesia Voyage
History & Culture

The history of ancient Polynesia encompasses many stories of exploration and discovery. The voyages of the Polynesian Voyaging Society have provided opportunities for crewmembers and others to apply the history and culture of ancient Polynesia to their modern voyages today.

Discover how Polynesia was settled and learn about the provisions for the Polynesian and Micronesian voyages. See how voyagers ventured to unknown lands through the spirit of 'Ohana (family). Learn of the various plants introduced to Hawai'i and get a taste of how traditional foods were prepared for voyages.