Traditional Tahitian Navigation

Hawaiian Navigation

Modern Wayfinding

Modern Wayfinding: Course Strategy & Departure Time

Wayfinding Techniques

Calculate distance
Hold the course
Determine latitude
Compensate for leeway
Determine position

Locate Land

Summary of Wayfinding

Non-Instrument Weather Forecasting

Hawaiian Star Compass



Non-instrument navigation on the open ocean is a treasured skill that few possess. In 1973, there was only one known deep-sea navigator. Today, there are nine with more in training. The Polynesian Voyaging Society seeks to restore this ancient tradition so that present and future generations will continue gain knowledge through lessons learned out on the sea, while preserving the ancient voyaging traditions.

Discover the ancient voyaging traditions of wayfinding as well as modern wayfinding techniques. Study the Hawaii Star Compass, which has been used to guide Hokule`a on her voyages for the last 26 years.